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The Slow Dancer Affair

The Monroe Decision


The time is in the present and the cold war has never been chillier. As the Russians make economic and military advances in the Arctic, can one American agent and a disaffected Russian officer keep the bear caged?

The Slow Dancer Affair is a timely novel written against the backdrop of a resurgent Russia in global affairs and the increased political tension that has resulted from that. The story is about an American agent that is tasked to extricate a high placed Russian defector and his wife, and the dangerous undercover operation that he embarks upon. 



 Deep inside the United States Government lurks a covert agency and one very talented and dangerous operative known to only a few members of the administration.  Aaron Monroe is the President’s precision-guided weapon seeking out terrorists and their sophisticated recruiting networks. But he’s been betrayed and has gone off the grid to learn what happened and to extract revenge on who has betrayed him — and no one is above suspicion

Shortlisted for the Chanticleer 2018 Clue Award for thriller fiction! ​​


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